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Letter: Parents are first and best educators

This letter was intended as a rebuttal to the Feb. 24 column by Jennifer Vogt-Erickson titled “Don’t spread fear, misinformation about bill.” Vogt-Erickson criticizes Rep. Peggy Bennett’s attempts at removing language in the omnibus education bill that promotes comprehensive sex education with radical new curriculum such as being used in the state of California. The centerpiece of this curriculum, which will be given to children age 10 and up, is the book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” in which children would be subject to such things as:

• Using porn-like images and graphic descriptions; the book teaches children that all “consensual” sexual activity is their “right”

• How to consent to sex

• How to claim autonomy for abortion rights

• To promote multiple sexual orientations and gender identities

• Get referrals for abortions and gender counseling with no parental notification or involvement

• CSE allows unlicensed Planned Parenthood and gender activists into your child’s classroom to teach dangerous and unhealthy practices

In my original letter to the editor, the Tribune informed me that the content of my letter was too graphic to be published, yet this is the kind of harmful content that the radicals in our state Legislature, along with their cohorts from organizations like Planned Parenthood, want to teach to your 10-year-olds!

Look folks, I’m a Christian, but you do not have to come from a Christian point of view to know that pornography with graphic descriptions of sexual activity is a public health hazard and should be treated as such. Good psychology can back this up with plenty of evidence and shame on Vogt-Erickson for defending this garbage. Parents, you are the first and best educators of your own children. Educate yourself on this crucial topic and do not allow the radicals in government to replace you in the passing on of information that is vital to the physical, psychological and spiritual well being of your children. You can view for yourselves the graphic content from the book “It’s Perfectly Normal,” by going to www.cplaction.com/health-sexuality/.

Scott Bute