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Letter: Bonding bill would create jobs, boost infrastructure

Thank you to Governor Walz for following the advice of epidemiologists and other health experts in his efforts to keep us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you legislators who have stood behind him. Thank you to all of the people of Minnesota who have given up so much in order to protect themselves and their neighbors. Sometimes we need leaders to make tough decisions that we all don’t agree with, but in the end, keep us safe and alive.

A lot of people are having trouble paying bills like rent or mortgage. How can we help working people? The many good reasons for social distancing and closing portions of the economy don’t help pay the bills.

That’s why the Minnesota House’s opposition to the state bonding bill is such a head scratcher. On one hand they claim to support the working person, but on the other hand, they block a bonding bill that can give workers a lift. A bonding bill will create many jobs and boost infrastructure throughout Minnesota.

The House refuses to pass the bonding bill unless our governor gives up the emergency powers he has used to fight the epidemic. These issues are unrelated. If we are serious about getting people back to work, pass the bonding bill.

Joan Anderson

Albert Lea