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Letter: Republicans’ actions questionable

Will our state representative verbally support the federal House of Representatives Heroes Act, which allocates $10 billion to assist our local small businesses? Not likely. Just as this state representative did not verbally support past federal House of Representative efforts to provide assistance dollars for our local small businesses.

Will our local state representative condemn the inaction of the president, whose inaction caused tens of thousands of deaths? Of course not. She blames the governor for the very high number of nursing home deaths in Minnesota.  That is the kind of rightwing deplorable lies Hillary Clinton was referring to. The buck stops with the president. He and only he is responsible for the very high number of nursing home deaths in Minnesota.

Local Republican Party leaders providing letters to the editor these past few weeks need a closer look. One writer old enough to receive Social Security retirement checks and Medicare attacks American socialism programs. He claims our American style of socialism is the wrong way to go. Does this mean the writer has not signed up for Social Security retirement checks and Medicare? What a hypocrite. 

Another local Republican leader mimics a sulking child who claims to his mother that we all should go ahead and do whatever we want during this pandemic. Does this mean this writer is promoting the culling by death of the most vulnerable? It does fit with that writer’s claim some time ago that arresting and jailing babies, very young children and teenagers at the border is saving them from child prostitution. In truth, this is brutal racism in plain sight.

Then there was the local Republican leader some time ago demonizing public school teachers. It turns out this demonizing was setting the groundwork for our local state representative to offer legislation, which essentially hands over state tax dollars to unregulated and unaccountable private and religious schools. Our state representative is a Betsy DeVos acolyte. DeVos called public school education a “dead end.” The president put DeVos as the head of the Department of Education to destroy public education. Our local state representative is no friend of public education.

Ted Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea