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Letter: The Republican Party has decayed

The Republican Party had a proud history as a party of principles and ideas. It has contributed to the debate of ideas to solve the challenges facing our country. Now, its only goals are making the rich richer and getting reelected. This is a tragic loss to our country because we need a healthy debate about solutions to the problems our country and state are facing.

Republicans targeted the tax cut to help big business and the rich. When the tax cut passed, Trump told his billionaire friends at Mar-a-Lago they were richer. The tax cut was not needed because the economy was healthy. Interest rates were low and money was available if companies wanted to expand. Corporations predominately used their tax savings for stock repurchases and executive bonuses. The tax cut added one trillion dollars to the deficit that will be repaid by our children and grandchildren. It also left our country weaker when we encountered a true emergency like the TRUMP-19 pandemic.    

John Kennedy and Ted Sorensen authored a book “Profiles in Courage.” The book profiled eight senators who defied the opinions of their party and did what they felt was right. This type of courage is lacking in current Republican senators. The exceptions are the late American hero Sen. John McCain and Sen. Mitt Romney. Senator Romney is regularly attacked by Trump.

The Republican Party has withered into a cult of personality. The book that would be written about the current Republicans in the U.S. Congress would be “Profiles in Cowardice.” They have abdicated their responsibility to protect the Constitution and the rule of law.

Joe Pacovsky