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Letter: Do you care about others’ health?

I must be one of the few people who believe COVID-19 is a real health threat, not just indoors, but outdoors. We were at Home Depot last night, and they have changed their safety protocols (my words) from in one door and out the other, the spacing outside, the counting of people in the store, all done. We were about the only people, besides the employees, who were wearing masks. I went to Hy-Vee and a family followed me in — dad, young son and mom (who had a badge from St. John’s on) — no masks along with about 75% more people inside just like them.

I keep hearing people say, “Well I guess you have to die of something.” True statement, but you wearing a mask is not for your protection, it is for the people you are with. Plus, I don’t think you really want to die from this from the reports I have heard — not pleasant. My mask is for your protection, not mine.

I have a small, in-home beauty salon that our governor shut down for 10 weeks. In order for me to be open, I have to wear a mask, my clients have to wear a mask, I have to give them and myself hand sanitizer when they come in and follow them out with Lysol wipes to wipe everything down they have touched. So I truly don’t understand why other businesses aren’t requiring masks. So please think about others.

Are masks fun to wear? Not really, but I care about other people’s health. I hope people will think about my family’s health, too.

Andrea Jensen

Albert Lea