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Paid political letter: Dan Feehan represents values of southern Minnesota

Western culture means white culture. When Rep. Jim Hagedorn insisted on his public Facebook page that we must protect our western culture, I question who is this “we?” He cannot possibly be talking about the people in Congressional District 1 — a diverse population of black, brown and white folks who attend churches, synagogues, mosques and nowhere at all. Hagedorn may not realize this about his constituents because he is rarely in CD-1, but when he is, he resolutely refuses to engage citizens who dare question who he represents — southern Minnesota or the racist demagogue in the White House. He does not represent us. Our values include everyone. Yes, we believe Black lives matter. Yes, we embrace folks beyond the realm of Judeo-Christian faith, including no faith. Yes, we call out racism and racist thinking, so we specifically do not continue to pedestal western culture over all other cultures on earth. Yes, we believe citizens are not just spineless nodding heads for an egomaniac. Yes, we believe in science and protecting others as we would ourselves. Yes, we are radical in these beliefs. And yes, we absolutely do want to remove Jim Hagedorn from a seat where he hurts southern Minnesota, so that we can put someone in that seat who represents our values, and that person is Dan Feehan. Feehan engages this community. He listens and asks how he can help everyone, from struggling farmers, to Black Minnesotans who want to be valued equally by this state. Dan Feehan’s endless good qualities recommend him for Hagedorn’s job, and at the top of these qualities is “Feehan is not a racist.”

Misti Harper

St. Peter