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Paid political letter: What kind of country should we have?

In an underhanded attempt to turn the USA into a third-world socialist country, Democrats tried to sneak into the coronavirus relief bill:

• Mandating a $15 minimum wage, permanent paid leave and pay by race at companies receiving assistance.

• Requiring early voting and same-day voter registration.

• Paying off all current debt of the U.S. Postal Service.

• Bailing out the D.C. Kennedy Art Center, the IRS and the House of Representatives.

• Requiring full carbon offset of airline emissions by 2025 and greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights.

It’s an outrageous power grab.

President Trump is attempting to make things right for taxpayers.

When times get hard, we step up. It’s the American way! Together, our country made it through the Civil War, the Spanish flu, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam and Sept. 11 attacks, as well as the 2008 financial crisis, to name a few.

We didn’t hear from Obama about 60 million Americans who were affected with the swine flue, resulting in 274,304 hospitalizations and 12,469 deaths. There was no media panic, no trashing of President Barack Obama and no travel ban. You don’t even remember it — according to Rush Limbaugh.

We could have learned from the swine flu and been prepared with masks and all equipment needed; however, none of the orders to restock happened, leaving to this administration to gather the necessary means to fight the coronavirus.

Jason Lewis, running for the Minnesota U.S. Senate seat, disagrees with liberal incumbent Sen. Tina Smith, who is for removing President Trump and condoning lies, leaks, rigged rules, character assassination, secret hearings and secondhand testimony. She is for taxpayer-financed abortions on demand, and if a precious baby miraculously survives a botched abortion, she is for putting that innocent child of God to death. Also, she is for perpetuating the Obama policies that caused the immigration crisis. She is against the Second Amendment, and with her “F” rating from the NRA, she is an ever-present threat of grabbing the guns you use to hunt and/or protect your family. She is against America’s small business owners siding with the environmental extremists, whose radical agenda will snuff out our growing American economy. She is against President Trump’s strict constitutionalist judges, having fought President Trump’s appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Vote for Jason Lewis, who is a conservative Trump-supporting Republican who will defeat her.

Incumbent Tina Smith is an accidental senator. She was handpicked by her mentor, Gov. Mark Dayton, to fill the Senate seat of the disgraced Al Franken. Radical, bitter and angry, she is in lockstep with Rep. Ilhan Omar spouting the same far-left screed.

As we continue to battle the COVID-19 epidemic, we encourage all to remain strong and pray for our Constitution and nation with God.

Mavis Jacobs Hanson

Albert Lea