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Sarah Stultz: It’s gearing up to be a busy summer in A.L.

Nose for News by Sarah Stultz

The Tribune, like many other businesses in the community, likes to bring on an intern during the summer months.

An intern not only gives us an opportunity to have a little more help, but it’s also teaching someone the ins and outs of the newspaper industry. We hope they may benefit from their time here and possibly even go into the industry some time in the future.

This summer, I’m happy to announce we have upcoming Albert Lea High School senior Abigail Chalmers working as our intern.

Abby started on Monday, and we are excited to have her here. She is already proving to be a motivated, hard-working person, and it has only been two days that she has been with us.

You might recognize her name as she is the daughter of Neil and Aimee Chalmers and is involved with many activities. She plays soccer, saxophone and violin and is president of National Honor Society, Student Council and the Well-Being Club at the high school.

She is also in marching band and is a drum major.

If you see Abby at events this summer, don’t be afraid to say hi! She will be working for the Tribune through mid-August.

Other happenings at the Tribune

Aside from Abby starting with us, I wanted to mention a few other things we’re working on.

After a hiatus because of limited events during the COVID-19 pandemic, “5 things to do this week” is returning today. I’m thrilled to see multiple events happening again in the area that we can include in this weekly story and help everyone be aware of all the activities happening in the area. If you have an event you would like featured, please let me know at either news@albertleatribune.com or 379-3433.

Today is also the day the annual Summer Times special section prints inside the newspaper, which will have more information about events happening in Albert Lea and the surrounding area.

Lastly, we’re wrapping up our next issue of Albert Lea magazine, which has turned out to be a lot of fun.

Our cover feature is on Three Oak Winery and other wineries in southern Minnesota. We also have features on charcuterie boards and the many camping opportunities that are available in the area.

If you enjoy staying active in the summer, this magazine covers a great variety of opportunities for you.

And like with the regular newspaper, the magazine will again preview area events with our the two-page events calendar that had gone by the wayside during the height of the pandemic.

It’s a busy time at the Tribune, but we’re excited to get out and see everyone this summer!

Sarah Stultz is the managing editor of the Tribune. Her column appears every Wednesday.