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Letter: Thanks to help from youth group

Kudos to the First Presbyterian youth group! They recently did a local mission project, and we were the blessed recipient. The Wilderness Prayer Center (Youth For Christ) outside of Wells, previously Rice Lake United Methodist Church built in 1861, looks amazing after all their work. We are in the process of refreshing and rearranging things to create a retreat setting — a space to lean into your relationship with Jesus through reading, Bible studies, a cup of tea, the arts, writing and sitting on a bench in eye shot of Rice Lake. These young people did cleaning (lots), washing dishes (all of the kitchen), a lot of sorting and organizing, hauling and moving furniture, assembling bunk beds, pulling old ceiling tiles down, working with insulation, dissembling broken-down heavy commercial stoves, just to name a few items on the three-page to-do list. These young people worked hard. They didn’t grumble. They and their leaders did an amazing job. I really can’t brag on them enough, Wilderness Prayer Center is so blessed. Thank you! The cherry on the top of this was as I drove to town to drop a thank you in the mail to them, my car got sidetracked to Caribou; thank you to the person who paid for my coffee treat. It has been a week of kindness and blessings!

Robin Gudal

Director of Wilderness Prayer Center

Youth For Christ