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Letter: What is really the Democrats’ game?

Democrats’ current efforts to divide this country along racial, ethnic, sexual and socioeconomic lines is the most dangerous strategy that has ever been foisted on America.

When we (white citizens) elected Obama president, it was with hopes that his legacy as the first Black president would be that of the “great uniter.” Instead he squandered that golden opportunity and played the race card, portraying blacks as “victims of white supremacy,” constantly fanning the flames of racism, distrust, hatred, fear and promoted anarchy.

Racism is a two-way street. Currently, systemic anti-white racism is rearing its ugly head and spreading like a wildfire across America.

Yes, slavery and segregation were cruel and inhumane. But take a good look at our decaying inner cities controlled by Democrats for generations, and you will find an entrenched welfare system that is every bit as inhumane as slavery and segregation ever were.

There was another class that was treated almost as badly as Blacks during this period, they were called “white trash.” This group was cruelly ostracized and often shutout. I observed their plight.

President Lyndon Johnson established the current welfare system. His “Great Society” has cost America trillions, destroyed the Black family unit and failed to improve the plight inner city Blacks.

Single mothers are paid to have children who grow up in fatherless homes. Their children are having babies while still children. Inner city schools are abysmal! It takes an exceptional individual to escape into the real world as the system is structured to keep one in the system.

I was born in what many consider the “Golden Age,” 1930 to 1945. We were born into a wonderful world. While many of us were poor, we never viewed ourselves as victims. We were full of hope, dreams and the determination to succeed.

Some state that this may have been the golden age for whites, but for Blacks living under segregation it was a nightmare.

I expect repercussions for the following statement: I believe life is worse now for inner city Blacks than it was under segregation.

Seventy-plus years ago most Black children had a mother and father living together in a home that was deeply religious. Yes, they were poor, mistreated and hungry on occasion, but their streets were reasonably safe, drugs and gangs were not yet a problem and most had jobs. Black-on-Black crime and shootings were almost unknown.

With a two-parent household, young Blacks had role models and parental supervision. The Black youth of yesteryear could dream of better life.

The Democrats’ objective is to divide the country along racial, ethnic, sexual and socioeconomic lines. They are actively promoting anti-white racism to accomplish this goal.

Their game is to divide and conquer! The modern Democrat has no intention of lifting the poor out of poverty, but is striving for total governmental control of society. Under socialism there will become a small ruling class of elites, everyone else will be subservient.

America will not survive as a divided country.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea