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Editorial roundup: The world will miss the 2020 Summer Olympics

The Final Four. The Masters. Major League Baseball’s Opening Day and the closure of pro basketball and hockey seasons (including a National Women’s Hockey League ... Read more

5 mins ago by Editorial Roundup.

Guest Column: Thanks to Hagedorn for biodiesel support

America’s agricultural economy has been clobbered multiple times on a myriad of fronts over the past year, from trade wars to inclement weather. And now, ... Read more

6 mins ago by Submitted.

Letter: Teachers deserve thanks for dedication

The first piece of advice I was given as a new teacher was to be flexible: “Bend like a willow,” my mentor teacher told me. ... Read more

7 mins ago by Submitted.

Letter: Don’t disparage Republicans concerned about abortions

In response to Mr. Thorson’s recent letter that all Republicans have sold their souls to the devil and that we don’t remember what we were ... Read more

8 mins ago by Submitted.

Pen to paper

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8 mins ago by Editorial Board.

Editorial roundup: COVID-19 pandemic cannot halt voting

The United States held a presidential election during World War II. It held one during the Civil War. It held an off-year election during the ... Read more

1 day ago by Editorial Roundup.

Al Batt: Where’s a Sears Big Book when you need one?

I threw a boomerang three years ago, and I’ve lived in fear ever since.  Each time I step outside, I expect to be conked on the ... Read more

1 day ago by Al Batt.

Letter: Thank you to the brave health care workers during crisis

“You are more ready than you think you are.” A mentor of mine gave me that advice on the eve of my first deployment. From ... Read more

1 day ago by Submitted.

Letter: Sons of Norway cancels events

Sons of Norway Normanna Lodge has regretfully canceled all events, including the April meeting and the May 17 Syttende Mai, following the recommendation of the Centers ... Read more

1 day ago by Submitted.

Pen to paper

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1 day ago by Editorial Board.

Editorial: Look for the silver lining in Walz’s stay-at-home order

Minnesotans — like people all over the world — have been asked to make many adjustments to their lives over the last few weeks in ... Read more

2 days ago by Editorial Board.

Sarah Stultz: Now more than ever, it is vital to seek facts

The past two or three weeks have been interesting for our staff at the Albert Lea Tribune. About half of our employees are working remotely from ... Read more

2 days ago by Sarah Stultz.

Letter: Walz has shown leadership in COVID-19 response

Like many other people in Minnesota, I have been following the daily coronavirus briefings by Gov. Walz and his team. I am very impressed by ... Read more

2 days ago by Submitted.

Letter: Roundtable presentations postponed

Due to the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions placed on gatherings of minds, the Civil War Roundtable presentations scheduled for April and May ... Read more

2 days ago by Submitted.

My Point of View: President has done great job reacting to COVID-19

The Democrats in Congress put the brakes on the economic stimulus package in order to add extraneous add-ons that were pet projects of Nancy Pelosi. ... Read more

2 days ago by Submitted.

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